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We turn state of the art Machine Intelligence algorithms
into cutting edge technology solutions.
We deliver worldwide.

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We use Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence to create:

Decision support systems

Systems that use data to learn what is the best decision in each situation, and provide you with recommendations.

Early warning systems

Systems that use data to learn to anticipate adverse events, allowing you to take actions to prevent them or to alleviate their effects.

Anomaly detection

We create software capable of analyzing data streams in real time, automatically learning to detect anomalies and raising an alarm whenever an anomaly occurs.

Predictive systems

We make systems that are capable of finding complex patterns in your data in order to anticipate the values of variables that have not been observed yet.

Computer vision

We create systems capable of performing object detection and image classification tailored to your specific use case.

and in more general terms, we help you to:

Better products

Improve your existing products by using our cutting edge ML/AI technologies and enable the creation of new products.

Data exploitation

Exploit your data assets in many ways and increase your profits.

New data collection processes

Start recording your data in the right way in order to unlock future possibilities.

Data preprocessing

Machine Intelligence


We design, develop and deploy the full system (or the parts of it that each client needs).

We build complex Big Data architectures
BigData diagram
We design easy-to-use interfaces for multiple devices
Analytics image
Mobile app image

Interactive data visualizations

User-friendly data collection

Connected with AI systems

We build beautiful user interfaces with interactive data visualizations
We build advanced control panels for ML systems
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AUPRC 0.86
AUROC 0.95
F1 Score 0
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Specificity 0
We provide you with the best customized solution possible
We care about the details of your project.
We are eager to learn about your domain.
We provide excellent documentation for our projects.
We test extensively our solutions.
The privacy of your data is a top priority for us.
If needed, we will explain to you in layman terms all you need to know to evaluate, use and manage our solutions.
We have developed successful projects in many domains
Medical data
Industrial data
Biological data
Autonomous cars
Sensor network data and IoT
Geospatial data and environmental data
Object detection and image classification
and many others.
We are the team that will help you leaving a dent in the universe.

Computer scientists



We deliver worldwide.
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